OnStation is a cross-platform, highly collaborative mobile app that provides current relevant information to everyone associated with highway construction projects. This includes automatic location, streamlined issue tracking and unified communication features. Through higher engagement and connectedness, a more efficient workflow is produced helping to keep cones off the road, traffic flowing and work progressing. 




The Station Finder displays the station, offset, and elevation for your current position on the project and atomically updates as you move around the project. Quickly reference your stationing, determine lengths and distances, compare elevations and receive a station readout.

plan sheets.png


Search and view plan sheets by sheet numbers, sheet headings, and location via the Station Finder feature. OnStation's Mobile Design Maps also allow users to view design drawings on map overlays so you can visualize the project design in its place, on the map.



By combining the camera, email and text features on your phone, the Task Tracking feature allows users to create punch lists, document issues, categorize tasks, assign project responsibilities and track progress will all communication history captured for easy viewing and exporting.

Play our demo video to see OnStation in action

A solution that solves common job site time sucks:

  • Locating team members on the job

  • Not having project plans on you

  • Identifying positioning on an ever changing job site

  • Creating, tracking and completing issues to close out job


“Once the guys use OnStation, they request it on every next job. It is a highly effective tool.”
— DOT Project Manager
“The cost of OnStation, relative to the total project budget, is nominal compared to the value it returns.”
— Project Controller