Referral Program

You’ve purchased OnStation. You’ve experienced the benefits. Participate in our new referral program, introducing OnStation to more customers and save money on your next project.

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  • Refer OnStation to a potential customer

  • Send an email (use the below text to save time!) or have them call us

  • OnStation will confirm 10% referral credit if the new customer purchases OnStation for a project by 3/31/2020

  • The new customer also receives a 10% discount on their first purchase

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  • Referral credits awarded on projects purchased by new OnStation customers

  • Referral credits never expire. One credit applied per purchase.

  • Referral credits awarded for each project a customer purchases before 3/31/2020

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OnStation is revolutionary tool that empowers crews with the ability to instantly locate themselves anywhere on the job, project design features on the roadway, view contract documents, while also acting as a platform that records and organizes all project impacting conversations. Information gathered improves worker efficiency and decreases time spent managing a project.  Learn more at

As a past user of OnStation, I can attest to the benefits gained.  I recommend you contact PROJiTECH at to learn more about the app, the benefits and discounts available through this referral program.   The value of OnStation greatly outweighs the nominal cost.

“Once the guys use OnStation, they request it on every next job. It is a highly effective tool.”
— DOT Project Manager