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What is OnStation?

A revolutionary tool that empowers road crews with the ability to instantly locate themselves anywhere on the job, project design features on the roadway, view contract documents, while also acting as a platform that records and organizes all project impacting conversations. A simple project code delivers OnStation to everyone, providing a consistent field tool across the project.

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Automatic Station Finder

Instantly provides your station, alignment and offset anywhere on the project. This features empowers the user with the quickest and easiest way to know their location on the job. See it in action!

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View Design Layers

Visualize key aspects of the project design such as ROW, Signage, Utilities, Roadway, Drainage, ITS, Pavement Marking, Plan Sheets and many more. View layers individually or together to increase awareness and understanding of the project design.

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Flag & Chat

A communication tool that records and organizes the 100s of project related conversations that occur on the job every week. Drop a flag on any point of interest. Start a chat to record your notes with text, pictures, and video. Add project contacts to collaborate and solve issues faster! Multiple sorting features, map display options and export function included in this feature.


Unlimited Users

OnStation project apps include unlimited downloads, allowing every person on the job to connect and benefit. With everyone using the same app, and viewing the most current project files thanks to OnStation’s “live” update feature, OnStation delivers that desired consistent user experience across all your jobs.

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Live Links to Project Library

Access and view current specs, project plans, standard drawings, and other contract documents instantly. Additional option to include a direct integration to your cloud based storage account, making staying current even easier.

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User Profiles

The user profile information allows users to quickly know who is associated with the project, their company, role and how to reach them. Enables the right people to connect and collaborate.

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Milepost Finder

Available upon request, our Station Finder feature can be converted to operate from your statewide milepost network. This allows OnStation to provide value on the numerous smaller jobs where survey data and project documents might be limited.

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Available on Android

Targeted release of early Spring 2020, the addition of an Android version to pair with the current iOS model, OnStation will become a true cross platform app available to everyone on the project.