OnStation’s Open Road

At OnStation, we utilize a mobile platform to keep highway projects on track while keeping the open road open.  2019 is an exciting year for our development and the New Year is just one of many “new” items for OnStation.  We have new leadership, new features, a new platform, new customers, new employees and so much more.  We’re setting a new course and want you to be part of this journey.

Our journey as a company began a few years ago when our founder, Jake Bailosky was looking for a solution to highway construction related challenges.  Unable to find a solution, Jake built a custom app to meet his needs.  Thus, became the start of not only OnStation, but of striving to deliver an easy to use product that delivers great value.    

OnStation is a cross-platform, highly collaborative mobile app that provides current relevant information to everyone associated with highway construction projects.  Through higher engagement and connectedness, a more efficient workflow is produced helping to keep cones off the road, traffic flowing and work progressing.  We at OnStation strive to continuously improve the app tools and features to meet your needs.  We are committed to staying ahead of the curve by integrating new technology and incorporating new features which will be launched as part of version 2.0. 

Looking further down the road, our vision is an OnStation app on every phone of every highway related worker.  On a daily basis, crews will share notes, meet up, resolve issues, submit RFIs, complete punch lists, track assets, highlight safety concerns and may even share a funny photo or two!  If new uses help keep the open road open, we are interested in exploring them.  As open roads mean morning commute times are less, ballgame traffic disperses quicker, road trips are more enjoyable, and everyone makes it home in time for family dinners.  Lofty goals?  Yes, but purpose driven.

When you are looking to partner with a company, or anyone for that matter, knowing their stated purpose, goals and vision leads to meaningful collaboration.  This is our vision and we are looking to partner with DOTs, contractors, consultants, inspectors and all others who touch highway projects and share similar thoughts.  Let’s hit the open road together.  Who’s riding shotgun?