UDOT Invites OnStation To Attend MBDC Workshop

On Monday, February 4th the Utah Department of Transportation is holding an invitation only workshop focused on identifying the challenging data gaps when projects are bid solely by model-based designs and not plan sheets.  The workshop is part of UDOT’s continued push into the Model Based Design & Construction (MBDC) process to dramatically change how all jobs are designed and built.  OnStation is pleased to join other leading solution providers at this workshop, to bring an industry perspective to the conversation.

The MBDC process replaces paper plan sheets with a comprehensive 3D design model of the project. This allows users to interact with the model in numerous ways.  Being able to “see” the completed project and take it out into the field before breaking ground, has many benefits that save time and money.  Documented use cases show a decrease in plan omissions, quantity errors, excavating cost, project change orders, and an increase in identifying potential conflicts in the field.  An example of one such conflict is signage footers placed directly above utility lines.  Only a detailed review of paper plan sheets would identify this conflict, whereas 3D modeling and visualization would dramatically increase the odds this conflict is identified and resolved well before any actual construction begins.

While a future with MBDC is exciting, a bumpy road lays ahead that must be navigated and improved before MBDC is the standard for all projects.  New technology tools, more dynamic data organization and increased integration between architects, industry software partners, field construction companies and government agencies are all needed to fully develop the MBDC process.  The February 4th workshop is another solid step in the right direction that will play a role in overcoming these hurdles.

Being one of our original customers, UDOT has used OnStation on multiple large-scale projects over the past three years.  The value delivered, positive user feedback, our mission to integrate new technologies that helps keep traffic flowing, and current App redesign to expand features are all reasons OnStation is seen as a potential industry solution provider.  We are excited about the opportunity to work with UDOT and develop additional app features that help drive the MBDC process and usage forward.

STAY CONNECTED!  We plan to share our workshop experience and solution ideas in future blog posts.  Follow us on Instagram @onstation_by_projitech to be notified when these posts are made and to stay current on the redesign as we share development updates and ask for user input over the next few months.

Be Well.